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Carbon Water Filter with Housing Set – Best Replacement Filter

From: £29.99

  • Replacement carbon water filter for 3-in-1 instant hot water tap
  • You Can Enjoy Freshly Filtered Water For Up to 1060 Gallons / 4000 Litres. Activated Carbon Filters Water & Will Need Replacing Every 6 Months Or Sooner Depending On Your Usage and Possibly Your Local Water Quality.
  • Great tasting water at all times Removing or significantly reducing limescale & other impurities
  • FAST, EASY FIT – With detailed installation guides for all parts and components available to download online. Our tech team are also on hand for extra help.
  • Compatible with all Excel Home and Ellsi instant water taps as a direct replacement for the original filter
  • Warranty: If you have the issue with our water filters, please feel free to contact us. Warranty is valid for 30 days & Return policy is valid for 7 Days against defects in materials.
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✔ Protects the boiler tank from limescale

✔ Removes tastes & odours from water making for better tasting hot drinks

✔Filter Comes complete with updated easy change housing

✔ Replace your filter cartridge in minutes

✔ Affordable replacement filter cartridges

✔ Superior filtration media ensures that limescale can’t build up inside your tap’s tank.

✔ Keeps impurities such as chlorine at bay – ensuring that filtered water is free from unpleasant odours and tastes.

✔ Easy, push-fit fitting – replace your filter cartridge in minutes just push in and twist.

✔ Lasts for 6 months, after that replace with replacement carbon water filter


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