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Kitchen Sink Single Bowl – Glass Reinforced Plastic



Made from premium sus304 stainless steel, our luxurious sinks are manufactured to the highest standards.

  1. X-LINE: Optimal drainage achieved by precision channel grooves & high quality drainage
  2. STRAINER: Rear-set drain design: Basket strainer & drain included
  3. R10: 10mm Radius Inner corners
  4. POSCO STAINLESS STEE: Premium SUS304 Stainless steel construction 1.5mm Thick – Main body to Bottom
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  • SCRATCH RESISTANCE: It’s anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistance ability are three times better than common sinks due to complex technics.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: Nano Sinks effectively restrain the growth of bacteria. During a 24-Hour test, the antibacterial rate of the Nano-sink can be three times higher than that of a lowgrade sink
  • CLEAN & NON-TOXIC: The Nano sink has a microporous structure, thus, it is pure and non-toxic, just like food grade tableware.
  • OIL & WATER FREE: Nano Technology ensures the sink stays in top condition. Oil and Water can be simply wiped away, leaving your sink as bright as new.
  • SOUND INSULATION: Each sink is made with the latest sound absorbing materials designed to allow you all of the benefits and luxuries that come from a stainless steel sink, without having to deal with the extra sounds that they can create.
  • EXTRA THICK CUSHION PADS: heavy-duty sound absorbing padding which results in significant reduction in sound echoing that occurs with all non-padded stainless-steel sinks
  • STONEGUARD COATING: Nontoxic fully coated underneath for maintaining water temperature and preventing condensation forming which may result in damage to the kitchen cabinet
  • Length 440mm
  • Width 440mm
  • Depth 211mm
  • Main bowl capacity 28L Approx.
  • Min base unit 500mm
  • Can withstand high heat temperatures
  • Scratch resistant with the same visual appeal as the best cast materials and other medium weight sinks currently available
  • Environmentally friendly Comite is hygienic and simple to keep clean
  • Reversible fitting – drainer can be on the left or right
  • Stain, scratch & impact resistant
  • Antibacterial & Recyclable
  • Wastes & overflows included


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