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Instant Boiling Water Unit for 3 in 1 & 4 in 1 Taps

From: £159.00

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The 2.4l insulated tank in stylish ABS matt black fits unobtrusively under the sink unit, optimising your storage space.

The Instant Boiling Water System is the ideal finishing touch for your new kitchen – or as a simple improvement for your current setup.

Please contact us for complete Installation/Maintenance/Manual Guide or Download here

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You never have to wait for water to boil when you have a boiling hot water unit. It is
immediately available, saving you time on days when you are pressed for time due to work,
school and other activities It’s always a smart idea to save time. Within 3 seconds of using
the boiling water appliance, you can easily make a second cup of tea.

Anyone who wants boiling hot water many times a day can save energy by using a boiling
hot water boiler instead of a kettle. You can also save energy by using the tank (which provides
boiling hot water from a cold feed).

Make a cup of tea in a hurry. Make a cup of filtered coffee Prepare the pasta. That filthy
casserole dish can be rinsed out. What you can do with your boiling hot water would
astound you. You might also use it for stuff you didn’t buy it for.

The inner tank is completely insulated and energy efficient, allowing the tank temperature to be maintained.

A smoked glass front with digital touch control and a functional colour monitor complements the design registered
smooth ABS case in Matt black finish.

Temperature ranges from 75 to 98 degrees Celsius

Conveniently fits into your base unit thanks to its small size (Overall height 330mm, Width 230mm, Depth 210mm).

A carbon rod filter is required with the unit, which is designed to absorb and remove calcium, magnesium, odour,
dirt, and particles, among other things.

The system’s popularity is due to the system’s unassuming revolutionary boiler tank unit, which discreetly hides
under your sink unit and does all of the heavy lifting. Because the compact ABS tank is not under mains pressure, the
system is unvented, and no excess water is discharged to the drain.


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