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3 in 1 Boiling Water Tap With Pull Out Spray – Instant Hot Water Tap Set


Say goodbye to the Kettle, you’ve got instant boiling water Tap with the brilliant 3 in 1 Instant Filtered Boiling Water Tap from Excel Home.

The 3 in 1 Instant Filtered Boiling Water Tap, available in either chrome or brass, delivers filtered cold, hot and boiling water and is suitable for all plumbing systems. Stylish, compact and instant, And a pull out spray makes is versatile –  what more do you need? It’s best alternative of quooker tap

The instant hot water tap is easy to install.

The insulated spout and operating handle prevent the tap from becoming too hot during use, keeping the tap safe for all the family. The safety interlock and self closing handle avoid accidental selection of boiling water mode.

The 3 in 1 Instant Filtered Boiling Water Kitchen Tap is also perfect for food preparation and is more than suitable in commercial kitchens as well as domestic kitchens.

The new version 4 in 1 boiling water tap is now available

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SIMPLE TO INSTALL AND USE (Instant Boiling Water Tap)
As it’s so simple and easy to use, the unvented Instant Hot Water Tap sets itself apart from other units on the market.

  • There is no need for additional drainage pipework, rendering installation simple and painless.
  • There is also no need for a separate cold-water supply, making it extremely easy to install without causing any
    disruption to your kitchen!
  • The 2.4l insulated tank in stylish ABS matt black fits unobtrusively under the sink unit, optimising your storage space.
  • The carbon rod filter absorbs and eliminates calcium, magnesium, odour, soil, and other water particles, while the
    sensors ensure that the water level is sufficient and that overheating is avoided.
  • There is no extra boiling to dispose of, making it cleaner and more energy efficient to use – and you just heat the
    water you need, which is better for the climate.


  1. Everyday Hot Water is ideal for filling the sink with large items, washing hands, and performing H other cleaning tasks.
  2. Everyday Cold Water – supplies of cold water ideal for everyday tasks such as watering plants C and removing bubbles.
  3. Instant Steaming Hot Water delivers perfect filtered water for making teas, coffees, and all of
    your cooking needs in a safe, instantaneous, and temperature-controllable range of 75-98
  4. Cold Filtered Water in an Instant filtering out hardness/limescale, discoloration, and
    odours in your domestic water supply using advanced filter technology, providing crystal
    clear filtered water on tap, and improving the taste of cold drinks

Best Value Instant Hot Water Tap

• The inner tank (boiler) is completely insulated and energy efficient, allowing the tank temperature to be maintained.

• A smoked glass front with digital touch control and a functional colour monitor complements the design registered
smooth ABS case in Matt black finish.

• A carbon rod filter is included with the unit, which is designed to absorb and remove calcium, magnesium, odour,
dirt, and particles, among other things.

• Conveniently fits into your base unit thanks to its small size (Overall height 330mm, Width 230mm, Depth 210mm).
• Temperature ranges from 75 to 98 degrees Celsius.


Excel Home